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Bernhard Behrend's 1845 Reise-Pass

JHSGW Collections. Nordlinger-Behrend-Goldstein Family Archives. 

Exciting news for our archives -- one of our oldest artifacts will be receiving expert conservation treatment! Our Civil War-era ketubah (Jewish marriage contract) will get a face lift including cleaning, removal of adhesive residue, and mending. Our generous donor for this treatment is a descendant of the married couple mentioned in the document and feels a strong tie to this piece of family history. 

Help us provide similar care for another archival treasure: an 1845 Reise-Pass (passport) carried by Bernhard Behrend in Germany before he emigrated to the U.S. This passport, a highlight of our collection that will be shown in the core exhibition of our new museum, is in poor condition and urgently needs treatment. To preserve this important piece of our history for future generations, ACT NOW to adopt this artifact or contribute to its conservation.


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