Congregations & Organizations

Luther Place Memorial Church
(Washington, DC)


Reverend John Steinbruck


  • Adopted Prisoner of Conscience (PoC): Peytor Pinkosov (1975-76), Mikhail Stern ( 1977), Anatoly Sharansky (1977, 1979, 1980), Izrail Zalmanson (1977), Valery Kukuy
  • Daily Vigil attendance: Reverend Steinbruck attended regularly; members of the congregation attended on Jewish holidays. 
  • Sign of support in front of church
  • Brought Easter flowers from church to embassy to be forwarded to PoCs
  • Prayer vigil of thanksgiving and intercession at the embassy after Easter services, 1977
  • With help from a Russian speaker, attempted to call PoCs in prison camps
  • Mailed letters and cards on Jewish holidays to refuseniks
Reverend Steinbruck and congregants

Reverend Steinbruck and congregants with Dr. Mikhail Stern, their Prisoner of Conscience, in front of church, 1976.

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