Community Memories

Memory from Rabbi Mark H. Levine Submitted December 19th, 2013

The Washington Board of Rabbis endorsed acts of civil disobedience when Rabbi David Oler was its president. Our actions were embraced by the Union of Councils of Soviet Jewry, which took a more public activist role than the National Conference of Soviet Jewry. Indeed, there was considerable publi…

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Memory from Margery Elsberg Submitted December 18th, 2013

A story from the 1987 march –

Our son, Jon, a student at Winston Churchill High School in Montgomery County, Maryland, in 1987, had just been to the Soviet Union on a class trip. Before our family bundled up for the march, he used his English-Russian dictionary to make a Russian langua…

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Memory from Rabbi Benjamin Scolnic Submitted December 18th, 2013

| It’s a Sunday afternoon in December. I’m seventeen years old and I’m coming back to Washington from a trip to Virginia with some friends. We hear that there’s a rally going on in the middle of D.C. at the Russian Embassy. It’s called “Let my people go!” This was in the days when…

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Memory from Elihu Davison Submitted December 18th, 2013

My late mother Irene L. Davison worked at the former B'nai B’rith building at 17th & Rhode Island Avenue, NW, and was an almost daily vigil participant from the beginning until shortly before her death in 1979.

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