Although many groceries went out of business when children left the family store to work in other businesses and professions, mom-and-pop stores are not entirely a thing of the past.

Louis H. Fanaroff started out in the grocery business in 1946. In 1967, he bought the two Magruder’s stores, one in Georgetown and the other near Chevy Chase Circle, with his brother-in-law, Stanford C. Steppa. The chain expanded and had eleven stores at its peak. Fanaroff died in February 2005, but the business remains in the family.


Magruder’s at 5626 Connecticut Avenue, NW.

JHSGW Collections. Gift of Magruder’s, Inc.

Chevy Chase Supermarket on Connecticut Avenue in Chevy Chase, Maryland, was opened in 1958 by Bernard Freedman. His daughter-in-law’s brother, Walter Kirsch, joined the business in 1963 and the pair worked together until Freedman’s death. Kirsch has now turned over the management of the store to his sons.

Chevy Chase Supermarket

Walter Kirsch and his sons in the Chevy Chase Supermarket, 2006

Courtesy of Chevy Chase Supermarket

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