The Scrapbook Thickens

By 1880, many of Washington’s 1,500 Jews were second-generation Americans and established merchants. Most practiced Reform Judaism. They were soon joined by a new wave of Jewish immigrants fleeing Eastern Europe’s pogroms, poverty, and forced military service. Mostly Orthodox Jews, the newcomers settled in downtown neighborhoods and formed small shuls within walking distance of their homes.

By 1920, Washington’s Jewish population numbered 10,000. Some Jews established local chapters of Zionist organizations and sent hard-earned dollars to support Jewish settlement in Palestine.

Tash Wedding photo

Early 1900s: Cantor William and Jennie Tash, shown here in their wedding photo, arrived from Russia around 1911 and settled on 5th Street, NW. Until Tash found work, the family took in boarders, and the children sold papers on street corners.

JHSGW Collections. Gift of Hymen Tash. 1990.09

Tash Wedding photo