1876 Synagogue Tour

Take a guided tour of our historic synagogue building -- built in 1876. Sit in an original pew and hear what life was like for the 38 immigrant families who built the first synagogue in Washington, D.C. Learn about the physical changes to the building -- both inside and out -- and the move of the building that forever changed its future and secured its place in our nation's capital.

For a sneak peak, watch a video about the synagogue or peruse an illustrated history of the building.

Directions to building 

Fall Holiday Closings
Jewish holidays: September 28-29, October 5-6
Thanksgiving: November 26

Group of Five or Fewer

Monday - Friday. To inquire about availability, contact us at info@jhsgw.org or (202) 789-0900.

Larger Group

Hours: The historic 1876 synagogue is open for group tours by appointment only, Sunday through Thursday.

Guided tour length: 30–45 minutes. Contact the Society at least two weeks in advance to arrange a group tour.

Suggested donation: $3 per person

Maximum group size: 50 people

Request online, call (202) 789-0900, or email info@jhsgw.org for more information.

Important Notes

The historic sanctuary is accessible only via staircase to the second floor. Let us know prior to your tour if members of your group are unable to climb the stairs. We will make arrangements for their visit to be comfortable and enjoyable. 

No food or drink except for water is allowed in our historic building.