Jewish American Heritage Month

A Dream Comes True: Washington-area Teens and the Birth of Israel

The 24" x 36" poster features the spontaneous celebration on May 14, 1948 when eight-year-old Oren Zinder raised a new flag on Embassy Row-- the flag of the State of Israel.

Accompanying lesson materials including classroom worksheets focusing on the importance of teen social activism both then and now, and the role that teens played in rallying public support of the new State. Educational focus on the history of the creation of the state of Israel and its relationship with the United States. Suitable for grades 5-12.

Orders for up to five copies of the poster and resources are free.
Additional copies are available for $2 per item plus S&H.  
To order, email or call (202) 789-0900.

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For more on the role Washingtonians played in lobbying for the creation of the State of Israel, view our online exhibition Ties That Bind: Washington-Areas Jews and the Birth of the State of Israel.