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July 2017: Honeymoon in Atlantic City Photograph

Honeymoon in Atlantic City Photograph
  • Accession No.: 2015.10.01
  • Donor: Grace Dody
  • Description:

    black and white photograph, 1933

Even in sepia this photograph conveys the pleasure of strolling along a sunny boardwalk. Maybe it is the happy faces of the newlyweds that convinces us of the cheerful atmosphere on Atlantic City's famous boardwalk. It was 1933; William and Stella Robinowitz had just been married in Washington, D.C. and were spending their honeymoon in the popular seaside destination.

Long before the casinos came and made Atlantic City known for gambling, the town had a reputation as a prime vacation spot. Only a train ride away from New York, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia, vacationers from the bustling cities on the East Coast came to Atlantic City to find relaxation and sun -- and a surprisingly well-established Jewish infrastructure. At the time of William and Stella Robinowitz's visit they could choose from dozens of rooming houses, hotels, and restaurants that catered specifically to a Jewish clientele. Jewish-owned shops lined the boardwalk and it was never far to enjoy a kosher snack.

Years after their honeymoon stroll on the boardwalk, William and Stella Robinowitz remained true to Atlantic City and took their two children on family vacations there. The heydays of Jewish tourism in Atlantic City were over by the 1970s, when more exciting destinations started to become accessible by plane and many of the city's Jewish-oriented businesses had either moved or closed.

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