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Guest Speaker at Capitol Visitor Center 0 Comment(s)

Just returned from speaking to staff of Capitol Visitor Center (CVC) at one of their weekly lunch and learns. Inspirational always to be in their terrific space and hear about their first year of operation. A new underground entry to tour the Capitol and first rate museum-- though we are so much smaller, we share many common operational and museum issues.

Can't convey how supportive their staff was -- amazed really at the quality of our exhibits, publications, and programs compared to our number of staff and our budget. My talk focused on two issues I find important in museum work-- 1) working thematically to create exhibits with accompanying publications, tours, curricula, websites, etc. and 2) the importance of strategic planning.

Special thanks to the CVC's Communications Manager (and JHSGW member) Sharon Gang who arranged this meeting. That's Sharon on the left with me in the Great Hall at the CVC.

Days of Remembrance 0 Comment(s)

Today Congress gathered to remember the tragedy of the Holocaust. Almost on a daily basis we receive phone calls asking for the Holocaust Museum's phone number. I answered such a call just now.

Every member of our staff has its number by their phone to assist. Why? Our organization has the benefit of having "Jewish" as the first word of its name-- hence we are listed in the phone book under "Jewish." The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum is harder to find. So we have been an unofficial directory for years. Filling a role to help visitors and our community locate this important colleague museum and in a small way faciliatate remembering the hard lessons of the past.

Synagogue in the Snow 0 Comment(s)

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks with two major snowstorms in a row. Thought you’d enjoy pictures of our historic synagogue—the building has never seen this much snow in one winter in its 133-year history! Other significant snowstorms it has seen include:

- January 27-28, 1922 - 28 inches from the "Knickerbocker Storm," so named because it caused the Knickerbocker Theater's roof to collapse, killing 98 and injuring 133 people.
- February 11-13, 1899 - 20.5 inches
- February 18-19, 1979 - 18.7 inches from the "Presidents Day Storm"