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In Memory of Rev. John Steinbruck 0 Comment(s)

Rev. Steinbruck in front of Luther Place Memorial Church

JHSGW Collections. Gift of Jewish Community Relations Council.

We mourn the loss of Reverend John Steinbruck who died yesterday at the age of 84.

Pastor at Luther Place Memorial Church in Washington DC from 1970 to 1997, Reverend Steinbruck was a staunch advocate for the Soviet Jewry movement. He regularly attended the daily vigil outside the Soviet Embassy (1970-1991)and recruited his parishioners and other Christian clergy to attend the vigil on Jewish holidays. He traveled to the Soviet Union to meet with refuseniks and was part of Jewish Community Council’s delegations to the World Conferences on Soviet Jewry.

We were honored to include Reverend Steinbruck’s recollections of his Soviet Jewry advocacy in our Voices of the Vigil exhibition and website

Reverend Steinbruck will be added to the Roll of Honor of the Archive of the American Soviet Jewry Movement at the American Jewish Historical Society.


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