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Traveling Exhibitions:
"Don't Whisper a Prayer, Sing Aloud a Song of Peace": Yitzhak Rabin in Washington

Yitzhak Rabin In Washington at Jewish Primary Day School event

Exhibition hanging at Sixth & I Synagogue for Elie Weisel's lecture, 2006

Leah Rabin visiting exhibition in West Bloomfield, MI, 1997

Leah Rabin visiting the exhibition in West Bloomfield, Michigan, 1997

The world remembers Yitzhak Rabin as a former general who exchanged his military uniform for a diplomat's suit and as the Prime Minister who gave his life to further the peace process.

The exhibition consists of twenty-five framed photographs with accompanying labels. The photographs chronicle Rabin's life and work in the nation's capital where he served as Israel's Ambassador to the United States from 1968 to 1973. Co-sponsored by the Embassy of Israel.


Twenty-five framed photographs

  • Two: 16"x14"
  • One: 26"x22"
  • Nineteen: 17"x20"
  • Three: 20"x17"

Twenty-seven labels

  • Two: 20"x16"
  • One: 16"x11.5"
  • Twenty-four: ranging from 2.5"x8" to 4"x8"


$500 plus shipping and installation; negotiable

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Providence Public Library
Peninsula Jewish Historical Society (Newport News, VA)
Adas Israel Congregation (Washington, D.C.)
Akron Jewish Community Center (Akron, OH)
Southern Georgia University (Statesboro, GA)
Beth Sholom Congregation (Miami Beach, FL)
Morningstar Arts Center (Savannah, GA)
Temple Israel (West Bloomfield, MI)

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