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Voices of the Vigil: D.C.'s Soviet Jewry Movement

From the late 1960s until 1991, the D.C. area's Jewish community worked on behalf of the Jews of the Soviet Union, who were unable to emigrate or practice Judaism without persecution or discrimination. The community held a daily vigil outside the Soviet Embassy for more than 20 years, met with refuseniks in the Soviet Union, and organized protests of Soviet immigration tactics and policies.

Titled Voices of the Vigil, the exhibition uses text, historic photographs, graphics, and objects from the Society's collections as well as an online component to detail the local Soviet Jewry movement and teach younger generations about its successes. The exhibition's primary focus is on the acclaimed Daily Vigil. Other community programs and activities are also be included. 

* Overview of Soviet Jewry Archival Collection

* Excerpts from oral histories/memoirs

* Media coverage of the project's inaugural event

Soviet Jewry political button
Soviet Jewry political button
Soviet Jewry political button