Jewish Historical Society of Greater Washington | Lillian & Albert Small Jewish Museum

Collections: Personal & Family Papers

Spanning more than 150 years, the archival collections document individual and family life through personal papers, letters, family trees, scrapbooks, and memorabilia. Examples of objects in the collection include:

Page from Simon Wolf book

This hand-illuminated page is from a set of three commemorative books presented in 1906 to Simon Wolf, one of the most influential Jewish leaders in the United States at the time. The books contain over 400 messages sent by friends and acquaintances from all over the world, including Oliver Wendell Holmes, John Hay, Mark Twain, and Presidents Grover Cleveland, Theodore Roosevelt, and William Howard Taft.  This page is signed by Washington  brewery owner Christian Heurich.
JHSGW Collections, Gift of Bernard Nordlinger.

Rosh Hashanah postcard

This Rosh Hashanah penny postcard was printed in Saxony in 1910, during the golden age of postcards. The postcard, dated October 4, 1910, was sent to the Blumenthal family in Washington, D.C. from friends in Baltimore. The Hebrew inscription reads “To a good year” or “Happy New Year.”
JHSGW Collections, Gift of Flora Atkin.

Invitation to dinner honoring Abraham Kay

Invitation to dinner honoring Abraham Kay, 1961.
JHSGW Collections, Gift of Jack Kay.