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Young girls in JCC dance recital, 1930s

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Protesting treatment of Soviet Jews, 1987

Maximize the number of accurate results for your query by:

Dropping abbreviations like Ave., Dr., St., from street names.

  • "Eastern" instead of "Eastern Ave."
  • "Seventh" instead of "Seventh St"

Spelling words out AND doing a second search using an abbreviation.

  • "Jewish Community Center" and "JCC"
  • "Montgomery County Jewish Center" and "MCJC"

Looking for full names AND commonly used nicknames.

  • "N.M. Cohen" and "Nehemiah Cohen"
  • "Abe Kay" and "Abraham Kay"

Using alternate names or spellings.

  • "Four and a half" or "Four-and-a-half" or "4 1/2"
  • Etz Hayim Congregation used to be named Arlington Fairfax Jewish Congregation and sometimes there was a hyphen: Arlington-Fairfax.
  • Ohr Kodesh Congregation used to be named Montgomery County Jewish Center
  • The Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Washington (JCRC) used to be named the Jewish Community Council of Greater Washington

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