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Publicity: Testimonials


Annual Reports (info)

"I am just amazed reading the Annual Report and seeing all the activities that JHSGW is involved in. Congratulations to the Board and the Staff!"

"Your 2012 Annual Report is amazing! Congratulations! It is easy to read, informative, wonderful to look at, and a real credit to your organization. We enjoyed reading it from cover to cover. Thanks for the exceptional work that you do, and a special thanks for this fine report that represents that work."

"I am totally impressed by the work you do and the service you provide to the community. Your report is brilliant and makes clear the important work you all do to preserve and, more important, disseminate the history of the Greater Washington Jewish Community."

Object of the Month (info)

"This is a wonderful and informative feature of the JHS.  It is a quick read which is compatible with my busy schedule."

"This is a nice idea...I check in every month to see the object of the month."

"I don't remember having seen the Youth Aliyah card before, but it had profound resonance for me. During the thirties and forties, [my mother] Denise literally criss-crossed the country speaking about Youth Aliyah…Thank you for stirring this sweet memory."
Mendelle Tourover Woodley

"This is excellent!  Well done."

"The background of the shoulder marks of Chester Nimitz was beautifully written together with the description of my father's store."
Donor of featured object