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"As I've often said, the Jewish Historical Society of Greater Washington
is really a model of a Jewish historical society."
Dr. Jonathan D. Sarna
Joseph H. & Belle R. Braun Professor of American Jewish History, Brandeis University
Chief Historian of the National Museum of American Jewish History

"Your boundless energy is undeniably contagious.
Thank you so much for taking the time to visit today and
making us all feel a part of the JHSGW family."

"The Jewish Historical Society is clearly a rich and wonderful
organization performing critical work. We are nothing without
knowledge of where we have been."
Arnold Podgorsky, President, Adas Israel Congregation

"I congratulate on you on doing such a terrific job…and keeping our Jewish community and identity, alive and vibrant, for us and for future generations."

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"One of your staffers...was most generous with her time as she opened the synagogue, explained some of its history, and the efforts made thus far to renovate and restore this treasure to its former state... [She] is clearly passionate about her work with the Jewish Historical Society, and I was most grateful for the opportunity to visit the historic synagogue."
Dr. Roy Fuller, Assistant Professor of Humanities, University of Louisville, KY

Speakers Bureau (info)

"Your enthusiasm and knowledge is awesome!  The audience of the seniors was certainly attentive...Thanks so much for making [this] meeting a success."
Advisor of Hadassah Group

"Thank you so much for coming to Beth Chai and speaking with our families and sixth graders about the fine work of JHSGW! What incredible stories of respect and preservation."

Archives (info)

"For many years, I had wanted to preserve the history of the family business and the JHS was the best choice I could have made."

"My story on urban 'palimpsests' has just been posted on Preservation Magazine. Your help on the Pasternak store, the focus of the story, was invaluable. Many thanks."
Arnold Berke, Senior Contributing Editor, Preservation Magazine

"Thanks for the great opportunity to have my work housed and shared with the community by your wonderful archive."
Lloyd Wolf, photographer

"I'm delighted that I stuck [Ben Stein's bar mitzvah invitation] away in a box...and I'm thrilled that you've been able to use the invitation such a meaningful way [in exhibitions]."

"I never knew [this document] existed. You guys are awesome and a treasure for the community."
Judie Fien-Helfman, Chief Planning Officer
The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington